Minimarg is a village in the Neelum District of the Pakistan-administered Azad Kashmir. It is situated on the right bank of the Kishenganga River north of Taobat, approx. 190 km from the city of Gilgit.The average elevation is 2,844.6 meter above the sea level. Army camps reside here.

People living in that region speak the Shina language.

July is warm with an average temperature of 19.8 °C. January is cold with an average temperature of -17.3 °C. Annual snowfall occurs here. Igloos are seen in winters. Land sliding often happens.

Source of income:
Their dominant source of income is agriculture. Some people travel in other regions of the country to earn.Agriculture and livestock is the main source of livelihood. Due to its landscape and climatic conditions the valley provides habitat for a variety of commercially important medicinal plants. The major source of income for people is the sale of natural herbs and potatoes.