Shandur Top

Shandur Top (el. 12,200 feet (3,700 m)) located in Chitral District, Chitral-Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Shandur is often called the ‘Roof of the World’. The top is flat, a plateau and can be crossed between late April and early November. The grade is very gradual, and the area is crossed by plentiful small streams during summer. The boundary line between Ghizer District and Chitral District is also situated in Shandur Top in Punji-Lasht as per the international boundary law division by watershed initially demarcated by Lt. Col AG Durand( also known as Durand boundary line).

Every year there is a polo match played on Shandur Top between the teams of Chitral District and Ghizer District.

Shandur Pass is one of the major mountain passes of Chitral-Gilgit-Baltistan.