Our Story

We identified our horizon and met the souls of our kith and kin: the mountaineers, trekkers, explorers, nature lovers, water sports, paragliding, and skiing lovers – in short people who came to the mesmerizing North of Pakistan to charge their souls.
We knew that we mattered only a little – but we did what we could to promote the image of Pakistan as one of the best tourist destinations, and for decades we nurtured this image when we led hundreds of tourists to the glorious mountain ranges of Pakistan.
At first, it was a meek seed of a passion – eager to sprout up, and it did sprout up into a profession when we got Paramount Adventure Club registered as a company.
61/27618 is the registration number, 3992 is the Department of Tourism Services license number and 488199 is our Trademark Registration number.

Our mission

Our mission is to make sure that Pakistan stands out as the top of the list tourist destination – and we’re working hard to realize the dream of making the travel to the north more and more wholesome and affordable. We intend to introduce the sweet and sour taste of local hospitality to tourists from all over Pakistan and abroad. We believe that our success is measured not only by the number game but by the satisfaction and happiness that our clients exude – and definitely by their coming back to us again and again.



We have hundreds of partners in the shape of our Hotels, Transport and Restaurants partners and a huge variety of drivers, guides.



We provide huge range of Hotels and Guesthouses in all over Pakistan.



We have more than 100 destinations all over Pakistan with a huge range of mountains, religious and historical sites



In the last 10 years have done a greater job by providing more then 40,000 clients

"Left his IT job to pursue his passion of traveling and promotion of tourism in Pakistan."

Travel Tourism and Adventure Sports

Adeel Liaqat


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