If you are planning for a trip in a time of COVID-19 means looking at things a little differently. Yes, it might be disappointing that we cannot move away right now, but it is the best time to revisit our plans, and if we didn’t have plans yet, we can take this time to pleasure in wanderlust and get organized for down the track.

WHO advisory:
The World Health Organisation provides information about diseases including pandemics. It is an authoritative resource to use to learn more about health-related issues before travel.

First of all:
Travel has taken up again does not mean the recommended precautions should be neglected. It is important to still wash hands regularly, wear a face mask, avoid crowded areas, and carry a sanitizer along with you. During travel prohibit handshakes with locals or touch items unnecessary in local markets. Remember to keep other safe travel health tips including safe eating and drinking and personal protective measure.

Where to Travel:
Check local government advisory list which areas are open after COVID-19 and which area hotels are open.

How to Go:
If you want to travel by your own vehicle then make sure to book hotels by checking their precautions against COVID-19 and read some customer reviews about it if available. whole hotel and staff should be sanitized along with staff health certificated listed at the hotel front desk.

National or International Tour:
It might be wiser to select a domestic tour rather then internationally especially till 2020 or initially 2021 beginning, that if the pandemic or lockdowns or other national emergency enforced again it will be easier to return home.

Don’t use your fingertips open a door, push a button, pull a lever, or touch a digit screen, use a different body part instead. For example, you can use your knuckle to tap on the screen instead of the finger and use the shoulder or foot to push open a door instead of using hands. In the same way, you can use an elbow or wrist to turn on or off the light switch or sink faucet.

During Tour precautions:
The best items a tourist can have in post-COVID-19 are hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and face masks. Before sitting in a public vehicle make sure to sue wipes where a hand can touch and the same technique will be used on restaurant tables. Travelers can have their own toiletries even if it is provided by hotel management. For extra caution Sleeping bag liner, personal travel towels can also play an important role in precautions.

Help Locals:
Due to pandemic lockdown, thousands of locals got financially run down so a tourist can play a perfect role by helping the local community by shopping from local shops or buy roadside food stalls or local restaurants. Also can take part in activities like horse-riding, boating and hiring porters for luggage.